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Business Overview

Travel Express is a full-service Travel Leader travel agency located in Cape Town but has a national presence to help you travel better.

Travel Express agents are experts who understand where you want to go, how to get you there and the priceless experiences you
want to have.

We provide one-on-one service to each of our customers.

Our Commitment

Travel Express is focused on providing travellers with qualified and customer-rated travel specialists.

Our agents will take the time to understand your unique travel interests and aspirations.

We use our first-hand travel experience and relationships with airlines and hotels and travel partners to make sure you enjoy an exceptional personalised travel experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best client experience and as such, we adhere to the highest standards and qualifications when planning your trip.

At Travel Express we provide the following:

Years of Experience

Industry Accreditation

Destination Experience and Expertise

Our Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

We all need to get away, right? Whether for ourselves, or our families, a good holiday is a really big part of our lives. But at Travel Express we realise that if we want to keep on enjoying our holidays long into the future, then maybe we need to make some changes.

Holidays do have an impact on the environment and the people who live and work in our destinations across the world. We in the travel industry often get to meet those who are most affected by the big social and environmental issues of today. So perhaps this gives us a greater chance to create a better world through the way we operate.

We are making a commitment to do all we can to make a difference through sustainable tourism - starting with ourselves. We try to support the local communities in our destinations, because, after all, we're visitors in their home.

And that's what Travel Express is all about.

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